About Us

All About Awesome Construction Inc. is a hands on company with a long tradition of quality carpentry and fine craftsmanship. Since the founding of our company, we have taken great pride in our satisfied customers. We hand-craft our structures, remodels and cabinetry, tailoring each piece to suit your needs, and offering you comprehensive advice along the way.


Backed by many years of experience in woodworking, we offer our customers versatile solutions, helping them from start to finish on every project. We also pride ourselves on providing environmentally-friendly solutions.


The truth of the matter is All About Awesome Construction is on the smaller end of the spectrum as far as construction companies go.  We can control Quality like the big companies only dream of.  We also have more of a personal connection with You and Your projects.  We strive to be the only contractor you'll need from here on out.  Our network with local suppliers and tradesmen is on a first name basis.  We stay busy and pay our bills, two things you should look for when hiring a contractor.


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Ben Roberson


Phone: 303-475-7504


Email: carpenterben007@aol.com